Automobile Parts Application

Automobile Parts

Currently powder metallurgy process production of auto parts, up to 400 kinds of species, each car has powder metallurgy products up to 20 kg, so that the world powder metallurgy production capacity, more than 70% is supplied to the auto parts use. Powder metallurgy products used in automobiles, is very high technology products, it can reduce vehicle weight, manufacturing costs, fuel consumption, and exhaust emissions. The automotive industry is more concern about environmental issue, the automotive industry to improve the competitiveness of the action. Common parts such as: engine system parts, transmission parts, transmission parts, gear holder, connecting rod, chassis parts, brake system parts, suspension system parts, steering components of the system components, window motor parts, seat belt component parts , lock component parts, etc….., In recent years, parts from powder metallurgy is continues to grow, the visible parts powder metallurgy auto industry is already an indispensable foundation for a class of important parts.