Gear Parts Application

Gear Parts

Motor parts are very suitable for the production of powder metallurgy process, the reasons are categorized as follows.

A. Oil bearing: replace ball bearings, low cost, low friction, low noise, fast production.

B. Gear up: replace hobbing process, low cost, rapid production, size precision, high wear resistance.

C. The reduction gear box, gear box: high capacity, dimensions with precision, customization, low cost.

In addition to the factors above, there is a breakthrough in recent years in the powder metallurgy process and raw materials. As of result, powder metallurgy process for the production of gear teeth that have anti-torsion has satisfactory outcome. So now most of the DC motor gear box and power tools motor gearboxes are mostly using powder metallurgy process gears, as the main components.

In addition to the gear box gear applications, but it is also applicable to all kinds of powder metallurgy gear, such as: Spiral gear helical gear; helical gears, Sector gear sector gear, Planetary pinion pinions, Involute curfe involute gear, Gear rack gear rack, worm gear worm etc .  " Chu-Shiang industry" for gear production technology is far superior in the industry, “Chu-Hsiang” is the only company that can produce 45 ° helix angle in the industry. We sincerely welcome all customers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our company, we will do our best to serve you.