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Production Equipment

Production Equipment

  • Compaction
    Process / Using molds to compress the metal powder to the desired shape and size.
    Equipment / Our company has a total of 46 compaction presses ranging from 3 tons -500 tons. With multi-layer compaction presses ranging from 1-upper-1-lower punches to 3-upper-4-lower punches, we can satisfy the demands from most customers.

  • Sintering
    Process / Powders formed from compaction presses are bounded tightly together through the process of sintering. They will undergo the process of melting, diffusion, and cooling by going through temperature lower than the melting points of the main ingredients of the materials.
    Equipment / A total of 9 belt-type sintering furnace.

  • Sizing & Coining
    Process / If stringent tolerances are needed for the finished products, they will undergo further process after sintered by using precision sizing & coining molds.
    Equipment / Our company has a total of 56 sizing & coining machines ranging from 3 to 60 tons.

  • Vacuum oil impregnation
    Process / By using liquid lubrication, through process of lower pressure inside container compared with outside environment, they penetrate the holes of the sintered product’s pores in order to achieve the purpose of self lubrication.
    Equipment / Total 19 vacuum impregnation equipments.

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