R&D team

All of our company's technology R & D team are outstanding senior mechanical designers, very skilled for all kinds of metal products and parts production processes. Our company has the ability to simulate the design and operation of the gear, it can accurately calculate the correct gear with the best data, allows customers to easily accessible product design.

Innovation Award

Chu-Shiang, the company was awarded the Republic of China Powder Metallurgy Association Innovation Award in 2009.
Innovation Description :

Use conventional powder metallurgy molding machine for forming large-angle helical gear, the angle is up to 45 degree. Providing customers with lower cost and higher added value and production efficiency, enhance the competitiveness of the traditional powder metallurgy.

Focus on improving innovation :
1. It will not be effect by press operation and mold restrictions.
2. Solve the damage when the upper punch into die.
3. Large-angle of helical gear can be making by traditional powder metallurgy.