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With 30 years of tradition and experience in production technology, professional powder metallurgy factory. Specializes in all kinds of gear production, customers can design and match gear. Product marketing more than 20 countries worldwide, more than 500 customers.

Precision Gear Supplier

Chu-Shiang Industrial Co., Ltd is your leading industry resource for precision gear supplier in Taiwan. With many years of experience, we have the core technical knowledge of industrial gear to satisfy our customers' demands. We understand how important streamlined ordering and on-time deliveries are to your day-to-day and work hard to make it happen. We're always here to help! Whether you contact us by phone or email, we'll give a prompt reply to your questions, comments or concerns. If you are interested in precision gear supplier, please feel free to contact us.


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As a one of the leading precision gear supplier in Taiwan, we provide the professional industrial gear. We are the preferred choice of our customers for offering an outstanding product assortment and flexible services. We believe that our industry is one where reliability in long-term use, functionality and cost are all of great importance, but that it is reliability that differentiates the truly superior products. If you are interested in precision gear supplier , welcome contact with us. We thank you for your time.